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Adria and Cara seem to live the same normal yet boring lives. They wake up, get prepared, smooch their dads goodbye, then head to the bus stop for college.
This is usually the place where Adria and Cara gossip before its time to get their heads down in the books. Little do they know their muddy daddys are up to no good.
As briefly as the damsels leave, they log on to their faviorite webcam model website. Its their guilty sensation!
Lil’ did these dads know that the next gal they would get rock hard to would be their daughters-in-law hottest friends.
In part one, Adria was caught by Caras parent, and he summoned her to speak right away.
Instead of waiting for the lecture on why what she was doing, Adria leaped at the chance to suggest anything she could if Caras dad promised not to tell, even her assets.
Caras parent felt supah fortunate, lucky that he could finally fulfill his dirtiest web cam wishes out on such a supreme youthfull thot.
She gargled his manhood for secrecy, rode that prick for reconciliation, and inhaled out that jizm for a successful cover up of her dirty lil’ secret.

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